Xpanda – High Security Trellis Doors

Xpanda has been manufacturing customised sliding security doors since 1974. Also referred to as a ‘trellis door”, these security barriers are manufactured to the highest standards, and like all Xpanda products, are recommended by the police and the insurance industry (in South Africa) as key to keeping criminals behind bars. Free Security Surveys are offered to ensure that professional security advice is given and the correct products are recommended.

We have the widest selection of security barriers available and have the distinguished accolade of being the most experienced company in Kenya for these Products having been installing them for over 15years.

High Security Trellis Doors are ideal for Patio / Verandah Doors, Safe Haven Doors, Exit / Entry Doors and storage areas

Xpanda – High Security Roller Shutters

Xpanda offer a wide range of Rol-a-Dors, for external openings, customised to your requirements.

Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors provide real security for your home or business. They are available in solid slat and fenestra finishes and can be anodised or epoxy coated and are perfect for extreme environmental conditions

Panoramic Roller Shutter Doors are ideal for Showrooms or motor dealerships.They are made from hardened aluminium and toughened glass viewing panels. Designed to fit all applications, including low headroom areas, these units are also supplied with heavy duty weather strips to seal out rain and wind.

Steel Roller Shutter Doors, including perforated steel and roller grilles are manufactured with unique nylon end locks ensuring less noise and ease of operation. They can be manufactured up to 8000mm in length and are available in a range of epoxy powder coated finished. All Rol-a- Dors can be manually or automatically operated depending on personalised requirements.

Xpanda – High Security Burglar Bars

The X-Guard works well in conjunction with all Xpanda Product in that it offers uniformity from an aesthetics perspective due to the similarity in the design. They are Custom made to best fit any opening and consist of steel verticals with solid steel flight interlockers. They are Available in a modular form for easy on-site installation and are ideal for all windows up to 2010mm (2m) high.

View Protect – Armed Polycarbonate Burglar Bar

View Protect has out dated its competitors by developing and patenting a TRANSPARENT (polycarbonate) Burglar Bar with an integrated alarm sensor. The armed bar can be integrated into any alarm system. This unique smart bar technology makes it possible to protect the home owner with a 24/7 active alarm system, in addition to having a transparent physical barrier. It is also able to reduce false alarms seen with the use of PIR Sensors.

Hanita Coatings – Security and Safety Laminates / Films

Hanita Coatings offers security solutions related to physical security (advanced protection for glazing). When adhered to glass, Hanita’s SafetyZone security window films provide protective layers that secure shards and splinters if the glass shatters.
Installing the right SafetyZone film can minimize the threat of glass-related injury resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster. An excellent deterrent to smash and grab activities, particularly when combined with advanced security solutions, SolarZone makes an ideal solution for upgrading residential and commercial security.