Guard Security

At Perimeter Protection Limited, we provide a comprehensive range of specialist security services defined by quality and expertise of our manned guarding personnel. Our security guards are at the center of the clients’ needs. We invest time in an intensive selection process, which includes an in-depth background checks accompanied by extensive training in specific security skills and customer service skills for ensuring that your facilities, assets, and people have the best security possible. We recognize the challenges in providing security vary from region to region, location to location and most importantly based on different clients’ needs.

Our security guards can provide a range of services including;

  • Low-profile security guarding, protecting assets while providing customer service
  • Military-style security guarding, that is, controlling entrances and exits, monitoring security systems and patrolling sites
  • High-profile security guarding, optimizing the deterrent effect when reinforced security is needed
  • Risk mitigation through a proactive security presence and effective response

We invest in the latest technological innovations to support our security guards in the field. Our guards are connected and monitored in real time through our control room operations and also by our trained guards’ security supervisors in patrol. This means it’s possible to escalate incidents as soon as they happen and respond to them immediately. Operators in our control center support operations in 24/7 hours’ time and constantly monitor to assist employees and clients during emergencies.

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