Guard Security

The security guards on assignments are thoroughly supervised by our highly trained supervisors, backed by the staff and the operations management in the Control Room, fully equipped with communication equipment and Radio all sets.


CCTV Surveilance

We have the ability to install CCTV systems, which can be monitored in a number of ways including remotely through our control center, by your own staff or even through your mobile phone.


Electric Fence

The reality of today’s world prescribes the use of an ACTIVE intrusion detection system that REACTS to an intrusion attempt, REPEL’s the intruder and DELAY’s the entry time.


Security Consultancy

Perimeter Protection Limited private investigators specialize in the management of risks stemming from life and medical insurance claims, worker compensation claims, and all forms of litigation.


Why Choose Us

At Perimeter Protection Limited, we are committed to the security, safety and well-being of our clients’ people, property and assets. We are committed to the provision of specialized security services carried out by well trained, skilled, courteous, presentable and highly motivated security personnel that meet our customers’ exact requirements.

At Perimeter Protection Limited, our security solutions include a mix of human and technology based activities adapted to quickly react towards the changing needs of the todaymarket. For over 30 years since the formation of Perimeter Protection Limited, we have been determined to providing security services of the highest possible standards carried out by diligent, highly motivated and well trained security experts.

We are fully resourced to provide you with fast, efficient and secure solutions at your disposure, along with our fanatical dedication to quality and decades of experience, thus giving you distinct advantages.

The drive is to strive for exceptional quality at competitive prices. Since inception, Perimeter Protection Limited has successfully provided best and satisfactory security services in relating to our clients’ testimonies.