Guard Security

The security guards on assignments are thoroughly supervised by our highly trained supervisors, backed by the staff and the operations management in the Control Room, fully equipped with communication equipment and Radio all sets.


CCTV Surveilance

We have the ability to install CCTV systems, which can be monitored in a number of ways including remotely through our control center, by your own staff or even through your mobile phone.


Electric Fence

The reality of today’s world prescribes the use of an ACTIVE intrusion detection system that REACTS to an intrusion attempt, REPEL’s the intruder and DELAY’s the entry time.


Security Consultancy

Perimeter Protection Limited private investigators specialize in the management of risks stemming from life and medical insurance claims, worker compensation claims, and all forms of litigation.


Who we are

We are a reputable security company based in Nairobi, and are currently rendering services to a number of prestigious buildings and premises within City Centre and a large number of industrial and residential premises within Nairobi.

The company was registered in 1984, in the name of Perimeter Protection Limited. The business operations were similarly commenced in the same year.
The directors at the time were Joginder Singh Sokhi DSM (Chairman), Tobias Erick Oduor (Managing Director) and Baljit Singh Sokhi (Director). In 1993, Tobias Erick Oduor demised and the position of Managing Director was taken over by Baljit Singh Sokhi.

Since then, due to clients needs, in furtherance to the security guards provision, and market demand pertaining to the current security conditions, we are providing the installation of electric and electronic security devices i.e. Security Electric Fence, CCTV, Electronic Control Panels, Sensors and Access Control units.